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Id Marketing is an integrated marketing agency with an imaginative soul and a commercial heart. We provide a full range of marketing services all under one roof, ensuring your campaigns are executed seamlessly and cost effectively.

We are results driven. Our mission is to really make a difference to your business and we don’t stop until we have.
We know that great marketing is rousing, creative, innovative and unique. We’ll work together; taking you on the marketing journey and ensuring you understand every step of the process, leaving you with the skills to create a better business.

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design services


sales services

We offer a full portfolio of marketing services. The team at id Marketing is qualified and experienced in all marketing disciplines, allowing us to come up with the best, most profitable solutions.

Market research.
Strategic planning.
Tactical implementation; communications planning, brand development.
Copy writing.
Public and Press Relations.
Online marketing.
Social media.

Here at id Marketing we take pride in really understanding your company; your customers, market and objectives.

Working together with you, our graphics design team can develop creative concepts based on genuine insight about your customers; putting the wow factor into your branding whilst maintaining a firm tack on achieving your business goals.

We are able to assist you in creating a whole range of marketing materials including logo design, branding and corporate standards, direct mail including email promotion, literature & brochures, product photography, vehicle & building signage etc..


If your business is looking for sales agents, needs help entering a new market, wants to build your position in the market or develop your brand then id Marketing is the one for you. At id marketing we understand the sales process and have a proven track record in increasing sales and improving your bottom line.

Being an integrated agency we can ensure that every aspect of your sales strategy is bang on, giving the sales team everything they need to get on with what they do best – sell.

We have a highly experienced team of sales professionals who work in B2B, B2C and telesales.


Holistic Health 2012 Lecture - Ian Lickorish
I would just like to thank all that attended my lecture on Advertising Standards affecting CAM practitioners & healthcare professionals. Please find 2 x PDFs which include all of the slides from the presentation, plus extended notes including web links to further information online.