“If you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise you don’t close a sale,
you open a relationship”

Sales Planning & Strategy




direct sales

Even the most skilled sales people can only be effective if they are implementing the right sales strategy. Id marketing we can work with you to:
Develop the right sales strategy; methods of reaching clients, competitive differences and effectively utilising resources available.
Implement the correct sales tactics; lead generation, the sales process, and follow-up.
The tactics of sales are highly important. Equally vital is the sales strategy and the advantages are too great to ignore;
Improved closing ration by through effective targeting and better customer insight.
- Increased customer loyalty by understanding their needs. - Shortened sales cycle by delivering the right message, every time.
Bigger market share by offering the best solution and outselling your competition.
At id Marketing we are passionate about providing really excellent telesales services. We focus is on generating quality leads for your business that your sales team can convert into profitable new customers. Outsourced telesales campaigns allow a business keep up with sales demands without having to employ, train, equip and pay specialist telesales staff. With the right background, training and preparation, our experienced telemarketing agents will act as members of your own sales team.
Although most of our telesales business is focused on generating good quality sales leads, our other telesales services include:
List building, cleansing & database development.
Bookings and event building.
Market research and surveys.
Direct marketing follow up calls.
Why not leave the telemarketing to the professionals? Free your sales team to spend their time pitching your products and services to well-qualified leads, rather than hanging on the telephone.

Is your company launching a new product or service, building existing distribution, sells products that have seasonal changes in demand, planning a product re-launch or running a big sales campaign?

Then id Marketing can help by providing flexible, experienced sales professionals with the ability to target, influence and drive sales up.

Our direct sales service is different as we employ full time sales professionals who work for id Marketing and are located across the UK.

The team are highly experienced in many markets and are dedicated and committed to increasing your sales.
We offer a friendly service, tailored to your individual requirements, whether you’re planning a one off campaign or are looking for a long term strategic partnership.

Let id Marketing help you put the sizzle into your sales To find out more call id Marketing on 0844 8700 802